How To Make The Most Of A Weekend Holiday To Dubai

For a normal person living a busy life in today’s world, any holiday is fantastic news. It doesn’t matter if the holiday is the day off from work to spend lazing in PJs, or a weekend in the Bahamas. With how hectic our lives tend to be, every moment we spend creating happiness, means a great deal.

But planning out a weekend overseas can be a little tricky. After all, 2-3 days is a very small time; especially if you’ve never been there before. Fortunately, if you’re visiting a happening city like Dubai, making full use of your time is easy. Here are our tips and suggestions on how you can get the most of your weekend in Dubai.

Preplan the whole trip.

Unless the trip is an unexpected gift or opportunity, try to plan it out well in advance. Most travel companies have offers for the tourist season starting a few months before it. Making use of those offers will help you cut down on your holidaying expenses. Preplanning your trip and booking ahead will also ensure that you have tickets and seats for everything you want to experience once you get to Dubai. More importantly, pre-booking your hotel will ensure that you have a place to stay at, not having to waste a single moment from the time you get to your destination.

Soak in all the info.

Gather all the information that you feel would come in useful to you once you get to Dubai. For example, if you’re interested in the Hatta mountain safari, then find out the days and times it happens, the price per person, special discounts for groups…anything related to it basically. This will not only help you with budgeting the trip, but will also help you make a schedule for your holidays. Also, ask for recommendations from friends and family who know your tastes; for everything from hotel choices to the best places to grab a quick bight.

Make use of every moment of the day.

As you plan on visiting a city that is very much awake even in the wee hours of the night, you can make use of every moment you spend there. If it’s not too taxing on your body, try to fill up both your day and night schedules; only allowing yourself the minimum sleep time. Start your day early. Seeing Dubai’s night life and experiencing the overnight desert safari, or even the Dhow cruise are all excellent ways of making use of your night hours.

Choose a theme.

Unfortunately, despite how much you try, you won’t be able to experience, see and taste everything in your brief trip to the city of luxury. To make sure that you don’t spend even a moment of it with an activity that you might not like, try to go with a theme. It can be anything, places you’ve never been to and really want to go, things you’ve never done or experience, or even foods you’ve never eaten…anything that makes you happy in general.