It’s Time For Your Doggy To Have Some Recreation

Since dogs are considered as man’s best friend, it is our responsibility to understand what our four-legged friend wants and lacks in. Like humans, the nature of dogs also varies. If some are active and playful, some are little aggressive and love to stay away from other dogs. If we look closely into the matter, then the ambience, in which he is living, plays a major role. Dogs want a happy, healthy and active surrounding around it; they like to have companions. At the same time, dogs need to socialise with other dogs also.

Considering all these factors in mind, veterinarians refer to dog owners to send their four-legged friends to dog day care. There are several day care homes for animals all around the world, and Dubai has got some really good day care for dogs. Some think it is not quite necessary, and thus, here are a few reasons to justify that doggy day care do have a lot of advantages.

• Socialization: Many a times dogs tend to react differently, rather in a negative manner while meeting with other dogs. This shows their lack of socialization with other dogs. In a day care and a dog hotel Dubai dogs get the opportunity to play and socialize with other dogs throughout the day. It helps them to keep up their normal doggy behaviour.

• Learning etiquette: a day care consists of trained professionals who know how to train the dogs with the behaviours which are socially acceptable among humans and other dogs. At the same time, it prevents dogs from getting into depression from being at home alone for long hours.

• Exercise: A day care is one such place where dogs get the scope to release their pent up energy. Dogs are made to exercise regularly which helps them in maintaining muscle tone and weight and also prevents them from several diseases.

• Healthy meals: Often dogs do not get proper meal once the owners are out of station. But here, they are given highly nutritious meals. Besides meals, they are also offered snacks and treats.

• Proper care: The way the professionals take care of the animals, trust us, not even your best friend, or your neighbour will be able to take care of your doggy that way. Since they are experts they know how to deal with the domestic animals.

It is important to take care and treat our pets just like we treat our close ones. They are animals, they can’t express themselves fully the way we do. We should never forget that they are the most loyal ones, and that is why, they need our utmost love and pampering.